Institut Bega

1. Everything is possible

is a collaborative work research between Diana Marincu and Oana Paula Vainer in the context of Timisoara and the natural and cultural soroundings

In four parts + fridays conference (July 2018)

As in the tradition of Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen, the area of dark forests and magnificent clearing promises an aggregate of feelings and affections, being places of retreat or hiding places in case of war in earlier times. The process will be documented, the results being archived on a web page and presented during my residence project at Art Encounters Timisoara, evolving as a virtual sculpture on Nowhere Radio

1. First part

"The Bega Institute, Everything is Possible, organizes the first public events dedicated to the relationship between seemingly incompatible spaces between June 22 and July 13 2018, relying on the exercise of the total opening and the infinite possibilities that art can find in situations seemingly impossible.

Oana Paula Vainer, artist in residency at the Art Encounters Foundation between May and July 2018, together with Diana Marincu, artistic director of the foundation, propose a series of special presentations and video projections under the aegis of an Institute created in connection with the developed artistic projects by Oana during her research in Timisoara.

"By trying to describe an unknown territory, a space that is almost impenetrable, both corporeally and metaphorically, we have used as a working method the transformation of the human and personal physical condition of the artist into an animal, fluid and gaseous. In this way, we will present and participate in a series of discussions on metamorphosis, transformation, seemingly impossible spaces that originate in the social and political environment of the present geographical territory. "(Oana Paula Vainer)

The "Everything Possible" section, a branch of the Bega Institute, looks at ways to look at an existing physical territory by investigating fear and various bottlenecks that contribute to isolation in known cultural and behavioral patterns. Through the performative interventions and artistic gestures that Oana inserts into the urban and natural context, this Institute proposes a gradual expansion of the boundaries in which we design the existence and the experience of knowledge. The opaque film we hit when we leave the comfort zone is perforated by the desire to know the unknown, to widen the references we engage when we identify with a place and to use the direct experience of the body most times, to create a necessary utopian space.

The "Everything Is Possible" program will discuss all these topics through presentations that guests will think from different perspectives, from art to forestry, from psychology to ecology, from social activism to cartoons.

2. Second Part (encounter with the river)

The thought of making a connection between the cultural and natural spaces between wildlife and humans will be used as an experiment, as a pretext for creating a possible way of coexistence of both positions, a necessary utopian space. This performative research evolves from the curiosity and inclination to approach an unknown world and to put it in analogy with the current territorial and political themes. The second part will move away from the woods. The wild and unknown area, this time, flows through the city. The experiment continues on the water in the company of two selected participants.

3. Third Part (a fluid encounter)

In order to think and rethink the nature as transformation and metamorphosis including the idea of development of experiences, I have to follow a new method of creating a new model of imaginary that could connect me to the rest of my research. This week I’ll be focusing on the river, on this amount of water that is flowing through the city of Timisoara and along with it, an unknown fluid space that crosses a physical border (with Serbia). The third stage is announced and therefore opened. Readings will take place focusing on the thought of the imaginary. Please link here for live broadcasting: Nowhere Radio presents this week new guest contribution. The ongoing research is being updated this time with a fluidly character of a body who changes its form and color.

4. Fourth Part (searching for Rosia Montana)

In search for Rosia Montana.

Es geht um Knoten um Knotenpunkten.

Assoziatives Gewebe dargestellt in einem Netz.

Beobachten und Beobachtet werden.

Fahren mit dem Transportmittel circa 4 Stunden.

Erwartungen: keine.

Searching for a transformation.

May the force be with you.

5. Fifth Part (egal, egal, egal, egal,)

"Egal,egal,egal,egal,egal…" (Egal is a German adverb roughly meaning "all the same." It is used to express "who cares" or "whatever.")

From the 20th of July there is an unique opportunity to participate to an individual performance.

In order to participate you should give me a personal item or a story.

The performance parcours by Oana Paula Vainer

I will begin with a small introduction to the main project, I'll explain and I'll make sure you understand how to get and feel/be safe into the canoe. From here we will start along Bega, the river that passes through Timisoara.

During this time, you will experience things that otherwise can not be achieved.

This performance is based on mutual trust.

The duration of the trip depends on both of us.

At the end you will receive a certificate of participation.

Please, register yourself at this phone number.

0040 748430762.

The days to register:

Saturday, 21.07.2018, 18:00 - 20:00.

Sunday, 22.07.2018, 18:00 - 20:00

Monday, 23.07.2018, 18:00 - 20:00

Tuesday, 24.07.2018, 18:00 - 20:00

Wednesday, 25.07.2018, 18:00 - 20:00

Thursday, 26.07.2018, 18:00 - 20:00

This is made possible through the Art Encounters Residency Program, the Institute on Bega and Nowhere Radio.

Kindly supported by Club Sportiv Nautic Banat, Timisoara.